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Xax Ironaxe

Male Dwarf Ranger

Born in The Village of Threetop in Central Grabisco

STR 11 INT 9 WIS 6 DEX 7 CON 16 CHA 8

Character Backstory:

Xax was born into a clan of dwarves. They had a lineage going back hundreds of years. His clan specialized in mining and smithing. Xax grew up around the mines and under the care of his father. His father was the only member of the clan that was well-known for his fighting abilities. Xax learned everything he could from his father. Xax wanted to be a miner like his father, but the mine in his village was overrun by monsters. Xax tried to keep the monsters out of the mines, but they kept coming back. With nowhere else to go, Xax decided to leave his village. He started making his way north, looking for a new life. He wanted to be a fighter like his father. He wanted to help people and make a name for himself.


Xax’s attitude is hard and unforgiving. He keeps his feelings locked inside, rarely ever showing them. He has a very strict code of honor and believes that all people should be treated equally.


Xax is very tall for a dwarf, standing a head above his clan. He has a lot of muscle and tattoos. His face is scarred and he has a patch over one eye. His hair is jet black and he usually keeps it trimmed. He wears the typical armor of a ranger, preferring leather armor with some chain mail. He carries a few weapons, preferring to use a war hammer and short sword in battle.

Start of Character:

Xax has decided to join the people of Grabisco in their fight against the Vinshaan, no matter the cost.

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DND Character Backstory Generator Example 1

Drel Darkfire

STR 14 INT 18 WIS 14 DEX 10 CON 15 CHA 9

Male Dark Elf Cleric - Level 1

Born in Larkover (Grabisco Kingdom)

Character Backstory Description:

Drel Darkfire was born to a simple, happy family. His father was a blacksmith, and his mother was a farmer. He had an ordinary childhood. As a child, he loved to run around outside with his two siblings and play games. Every family member was happy. He had a curious mind and was always asking questions, which were sometimes funny and sometimes hurtful. One day, a strange man came to the town. He introduced himself as a merchant from Salis.

The man disappeared for a while and then returned... with a large group of soldiers. He said that the townspeople no longer belonged in their village, and he said they would have to leave or be destroyed. Drel’s father walked up to him and explained that they hadn’t done anything wrong, and they didn’t deserve to be treated this way.

The enemy smiled and told Drel’s father that he was right. He told him to kill as many as he liked and that he would still protect him. Drel’s father killed his wife and children and then turned the sword on himself.

Character's Personality:

He is a trustworthy and loyal friend. Despite his dark past, he still has an optimistic view of the future.

Character's Appearance:

He has black, curly hair and intense eyes. He walks around in long, black, robes most of the time. Do you need more of a description?

Start of Character:

He is traveling the land to find a better way of life.

DND Character Backstory Generator Example 2


STR 12 INT 9 WIS 12 DEX 18 CON 14 CHA 10

Female Halfling Shadow Knight - Level 1

Born in Blithewood (Grabisco Kingdom)

Character Backstory Description:

Menna was born to a long line of priestesses of the god Masteo. It was an honor to be chosen to represent the goddess. Menna’s mother was a priestess before her, and her mother’s mother was a priestess before her.

Menna took her role very seriously. She was known for her fast healing abilities. She would move into the infirmary of whatever monastery she was assigned and help with all sorts of mundane tasks in addition to learning from the masters there.

The skills she gained in the monastery are the few skills she now uses to help the innocent and fight evil. This is her lifestyle.

Character's Personality:

Menna has a very strong moral compass. She has always focused on helping others. She can also be greatly swayed by peer pressure. Her peers will try to talk her into bad decisions, but she will often refuse to budge until her peers present more persuasive arguments.

She believes in the power of the individual to make the right choice, but she will often go along with whatever the group thinks is right.

Character's Description:

Menna is short and round, with long brown hair that is usually tied into a bun on top of her head. She wears simple clothing, usually robes, that are easy to move in.

As a shadowknight, she wields a two-handed weapon nearly as tall as she is. She fought her first battle against the acolytes of Zan, and while she didn’t win, she was instrumental in helping bring down a few of the powerful necromancers and their undead allies. (She's friend with a Duke because of that battle...)

Start of Character:

Menna hopes to one day become an empress of the world, bringing peace and prosperity to all of Grabisco and beyond.

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