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D&D Backstory Generator? That's not all. Get instant access to over 2 dozen fantasy RPG generators powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI. Members also get access to our growing RPG library full of tabletop RPG content.

New Random Dungeon Generator Now Available!

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Invent Unique RPG Content

Need to add some flavor to your D&D campaign? Enhance your campaign using our RPG generators powered by GPT-3 API from OpenAI. Beyond just a D&D backstory generator, I've created over 2 dozen advanced, AI-powered RPG tools.

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Huge RPG Content Library

Here's a look at what we've already generated... This is content you can browse and use in your tabletop RPG...

  • 5,340+ Character Backstories
  • 352+ Warlock Patrons
  • 532+ Quests
  • 236+ Skills
  • 383+ Spells
  • 829+ Creatures
  • 138+ Mimics
  • 15,000+ Random Encounters in 33 locations
  • 292+ NPCs
  • 411+ Dungeons Ideas
  • 1,099+ Magic Items
  • 311+ Undead
  • 654+ Cities
  • 104+ Governments
  • 136+ Magic Shops
  • 230+ Overland Locations
  • 326+ Taverns
  • 210+ Spaceships
  • 41+ Shadowrun Characters

Total RPG Content: 26,676 entries and counting!

Endless Adventure Ideas and Characters

Make Your DM Happy and let him know about this RPG Generator + massive RPG Content Library.

When LitRPG author Paul Bellow got access to GPT-3 AI from OpenAI, he used the access to create LitRPG Adventures Workshop, an RPG generator that creates character backstories, monsters, magic items, cities, governments, and more!

Once you're a member of our community, you can create a variety of RPG content for your favorite tabletop game or browse the vast library of already generated content

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Free Book of Samples!

If you want to see a sample of output, grab your FREE BOOK of samples today.

You can check out some samples or Register for a Membership to begin using the LitRPG Adventures Workshop tools right away!

The LitRPG Adventures Workshop generators are powered by the GPT-3 API from OpenAI, one of the largest language models in the world. Yes, I got access to a supercomputer and decided to teach it D&D. What can I say? I'm an old school gamer and a LitRPG author. (What is LitRPG?)

Payment is done through Paypal or Stripe and is completely safe. You can see some output samples already generated, or keep reading to learn more.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Please be sure to read the Terms of Service to see the acceptable uses of content generated in the Workshop.

Our Pricing

Generators cost 2 to 12 credits each and searching content library is FREE.

Copper Membership


  • 200 Credits Per Month
  • (Buy more credits at any time.)
  • Full Access to our tabletop RPG library.
  • All RPG Generators.
  • Cancel any time.

Starter Pack

$4 (One-Time Fee)

  • 200 Credits
  • (Buy more credits at any time.)
  • Full Access to our fantasy RPG library for TWO WEEKS.
  • All RPG Generators for TWO WEEKS.
  • One Time Payment.

Bronze Pack

$25 (One-Time Fee)

  • 2,500 Credits
  • (Buy more credits at any time.)
  • Full Access to our fantasy RPG library for SIX months.
  • All RPG Generators for SIX MONTHS.
  • One Time Payment.


Here are links to Workshop samples of fantasy tabletop RPG content created with the LitRPG Adventures Workshop, including D&D character backstories, monsters, spells, dungeons, taverns, and much more.




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Want access to the RPG generators and our vast library of content?

More Info

Powerful GPT-3 AI

I'm using GPT-3 API, one of the world's largest AI language models by OpenAI to create new, unique content that can be used in a variety of tabletop role-playing games. We currently have 14 generators online and more are in the works, including random encounters.

Growing Content Library

Members also have access to 5,000+ backstories and more. We have a lot of magic items, monsters, and more. I'm working on a feature to allow people to create their own worlds and populate it with creatures, locations, characters, and more.

Evolving RPG Generators

This tool is still a work in progress. With your feedback, I'm sure we can make this a premiere RPG community. Thanks to the GPT-3 API from OpenAI, I see a very bright future for AI generated tabletop RPG content. More features coming. Join us today!


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