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With my cleric backstory generator, you can choose from dozens of races and come up with great backstories. The new advanced generator allows you to choose some key attributes of your character to help the AI. The AI (GPT-3) will create a unique cleric backstory with the click of a button! You can check out the samples below, or...

D&D Cleric Backstory Generator Example 1


Male Human Cleric

Born in Kankus village (Grabisco Kingdom)


Javeth was born in a small village in the Kingdom of Grabisco. His parents raised him in a small house in a quiet part of town. He lived a normal life in a normal town. He grew up in a church that was attached to his house. The church was emptied during the night by his parents, and then was used as a bedroom for Javeth during the day. He was raised from birth to be a cleric. He was sent to a monastery at the age of ten to learn the ways of a cleric.

He learned how to become a cleric and also to communicate with the spirits of the dead. He was a good student and a good student he made. He learned how to talk to the dead and to dispel evil spirits. When Javeth turned 20, he was told of his fate to join a questing group of clerics.

This guild of clerics traveled from place to place helping the hungry and the sick. They helped with the many issues that occurred in the Kingdom of Grabisco. This guild of clerics was called The Jadewood. He immediately joined the Jadewood and set out on a quest to find a cure for a rare disease.


Javeth is a calm and thoughtful young man. He is a very kind young man who cares deeply for his friends. He tends to be a bit of a smart-ass, but he doesn’t mean to be. He just has a lot of confidence in himself. He has a bit of an ego. He is on a quest to find a cure for a rare disease which has been ravaging the Western part of Grabisco.

He is on his way to Jargan to take a test to become a cleric. He is unsure of how to go about it, but he is sure that he will pass.


Javeth is a tall young man, standing at about 6'0''. He has a very muscular build, weighing 180 lbs. He has dark black hair and very pale skin.

He wears light leather armour with no shirt underneath, and he carries a short sword and a quarterstaff. He also wears light leather boots which he uses to protect his feet against the ground.

Start of Character:

Javeth is setting out to cure a rare disease which has been ravaging the Western part of Grabisco. He has just left Ragnor’s Campsite.

D&D Cleric Backstory Generator Example 2


Female Gnome Cleric

Born in Burodgadr (Grabisco Kingdom)


Zalelle was born in Burodgadr, and she and her family were followers of Zan. Her idol was Ralie, and she looked up to him as a father figure. When she became an adult, she joined the church of Zan and gave him her allegiance. She spent most of her time at the orphanage, making sure that the children of the church were well taken care of.

She often spent her nights quietly praying to Zan. One of her fellow worshippers was sent out of Burodgadr on a mission to the city of Baterport. Zalelle decided that it was her time to go as well.


Zalelle is a very cheerful individual who is always ready to help someone out. She is very trusting and will help just about anyone. She is a very kind and benevolent person, who wants to help those around her.

She is very kind and compassionate, and will go out of her way to help those around her. Zalelle is also very naive and trusting.


She is half human and half dwarf, and she is very short. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a simple white gown with a black sash around her waist.

She is missing the top part of her left ear, which was bitten off when she was a child. She also wears a silver pendant shaped like a hammer.

Start of Character:

Zalelle is in Baterport to help the town fight the undead. She is not far from the Rusty Weapons shop.

D&D Cleric Backstory Generator Example 3

Ulfgar Rockstone

Male Wood Elf Cleric

Born in Oeldar (Grabisco Kingdom)


Born in the aftermath of the war between the elves and the giants, he was a young adult during the events of the War of the Crushing Wave. He was studying the arcane arts in the great colleges of Oeldar when the war began. It was during the war that Ulfgar gained all of his experience with the arcane arts.

The war lasted for over two years. When the war was over, Ulfgar traveled across Grabisco to see how bad the damage was. It was then that he came into contact with the goodly races. He was most intrigued by Moradin's creation, the dwarves.

As he traveled, he looked for a place he could call home. Many of the elves that survived the war were exiled to the heart of the most dangerous forest in Grabisco, the Fell Forest. The rest of the elves went back to the Gray Tower of the West. It was there that Ulfgar found comfort.

As time went on, he was voted among the first of the new Order of the Four Winds that was being formed to help the goodly races in the new age that was dawning on them all.


Ulfgar is quiet most of the time. He still considers himself an outsider among his own people. He can be very quiet and he can be very forward at the same time. He is always contemplating. He is very intelligent and very curious. He is very patient and he can be very humorous at times.

Ulfgar is very serious when he needs to be and at other times he can be very laid back. He has the characteristics of both the elves and the dwarves. He is very strong and very charming. He is very loyal and he makes friends easily.


Ulfgar stands at about 6'3" tall. He has long blonde hair that he keeps tied back. He has fair skin with dark brown eyes. He has long pointed ears.

She is missing the top part of her left ear, which was bitten off when she was a child. She also wears a silver pendant shaped like a hammer.

Start of Character:

He usually wears loose brown robes. He wears a long, white robe beneath his brown robe. He has a mithril breastplate on underneath his robes. He has a long sword that is sheathed on his back.

D&D Cleric Backstory Generator Example 4

NITH Nodestone

Male Dwarf Cleric

Born in Burodgadr (Grabisco Kingdom)


Nith was born in a small dwarven mining community in central Grabisco. The dwarves lived in a small series of caverns near a massive vein of mithril. The dwarves lived a simple existence, working in the mines and gathering food from the fertile lands outside the caves. The dwarves were a peaceful people, and they attempted to trade with the humans who lived near them.

The humans were always wary of the dwarves, and the dwarves were wary of the humans. The dwarves were not welcome in the human city of Khelor, so they tried to remain distant. Nith was the first dwarf to be baptized in the church of Beldaroon. He was drawn to the church by the teachings of Beldaroon, and his reverence for the church grew as he learned more about it.

Nith was drawn to live in the temple of Beldaroon after he was baptized, and he remained there for many years. He learned to wield his power, and he learned to wield a blade. He became a master tracker. After several years, Nith was called by the Mother to travel to other lands to spread the word of Beldaroon.

He has traveled to many different lands since then, and he has spread the teachings of Beldaroon wherever he goes. He never forgets that it is his responsibility to protect the worshipers of Beldaroon, and he never hesitates to risk his life to do so.


Nith is a mild mannered, soft spoken man. He dislikes confrontations, and he would rather find a peaceful solution to problems whenever possible. He is always ready to fight for his people, though, and he can be quite fierce in battle.

He has a great deal of respect for the church. He is always ready to fight for the church.


Nith is tall and muscular. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a thick beard. He is always dressed in his robes, and he always wears a holy symbol around his neck. He wields a bastard sword in battle.

Start of Character:

Nith is a member of the Brotherhood of Gral. He is a cleric of The One, and he is a highly skilled tracker. He is a member of the Order of the Rose, and he is a loyal member of the Brotherhood.

D&D Cleric Backstory Generator Example 5


Female Dark Elf Cleric

STR 11 INT 8 WIS 11
DEX 14 CON 13 CHA 11

Born in Ooke's Hamlet (Kingdom of Lookit)


She is the last of her family. Her father is the mayor of Ooke's Hamlet, and her mother is the leader of the Church of Fascia. She is in hiding in Ooke's Hamlet with her parents, but it will not be long until the Dark Lord's servants find them.


She has had to grow up quickly. She has had to learn how to defend herself. She knows that when she leaves Ooke's Hamlet, that she will likely never see her parents again.

She is a compassionate person, but she knows that she must be strong to have a chance at survival. She has the cunning of a thief, but she possesses an enormous amount of bravery.


She has dark hair and dark eyes. She wears gray clothing. She usually wears a hood. She looks young, but she is already 14 years old. She is the shortest person in the hamlet.

Start of Character:

She is an acolyte of her religion. She has been tasked with leading the fight against the Dark Lord. She is not sure how she will be able to help, but she will do her best.

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